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Standard Software for Production Weld Management
weld map, weld data sheet, fabrication instruction record

WeldMap™ is a production weld management software for full company-wide monitoring and traceability of fabrication information.

 WeldMap™ is intended for management of fabrication shops or any type of field welding projects.   Well suited for plant construction and maintenance projects of any size, including power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and aerospace.  

WeldMap™ does not require custom development by the software development team, and therefore it offers the best value for those organizations seeking more economical off-the-shelf software  solutions.

WeldMap™ manages electronically what many fabricators manage today on paper. The basis for WeldMap™ is what fabricators may call weld data sheet, weld map, weld schedule or fabrication report.

Key Features
  • Instant live progress reporting on welding and testing, helping to identify bottlenecks
  • Automatic assignment of qualified welding procedures and qualified welders
  • Automatic requisitions for NDE
  • Automatic reporting of NDE results
  • Automatic updating of welder approvals for satisfactory welds
  • Automatic printing of project 'data books', including WPSs, WPQs and NDE reports
  • Automatic defect analysis and productivity reports
  • Multiple project views
  • Multiple processes
  • User security
  • Weld sign-offs
  • Weld row locking
  • Hold point reports
  • Full traceability from weld IDs to welding procedures, welder qualifications, filler metal, certified material test reports (filler metal and base material) and NDE reports
  • Automatic quality control utilities, including hold points and electronic signatures
  • Automatic links directly to WeldOffice® WPS, WPQ and NDE modules
Co-ordinates all production fabrication information.
WeldOffice® WPS, WPQ and NDE modules are used to manage welding procedures, welder qualification records and NDE reports. WeldMap™ has been developed to manage production welding information and includes automatic links to WeldOffice® WPS, WPQ and NDE modules resulting in a powerful integrated management system. The software has been designed so that you only need to enter information once. The software ensures that this information is shared between documents.
Production Monitoring and Identification of Bottlenecks
For each weld in a structure or project, WeldMap™ includes information on design (length, thickness, material, joint type, etc.), production (WPSs, welder details, visual inspection, consumable batches), and quality control (NDE reports).
By entering data into the system as the structure is designed, welded, and tested, you can monitor production live, and identify any bottlenecks before they become critical. You can also determine progress instantly to help with progressive payment schedules.
Helps meet ISO 9001 and EN 729
The above international quality assurance standards advise that full traceability should be maintained between production information and its associated data, i.e. you should be able to trace back from production welds to their associated information, like welding procedures, welder qualification records, non-destructive examination reports, etc.
Automatic assignment of welding procedures and welder qualifications
WeldMap™'s links to WeldOffice® WPS and WPQ modules allow you to select qualified welding procedures and qualified welders by the click of a mouse button. Welders whose qualifications are due to expire soon are presented first allowing you to maximize the benefits of qualification maintenance periods.
Integration with NDE
The results of NDE, entered into WeldOffice® NDE modules's database can be automatically retrieved from the WeldMap™ data sheet. Any rejected welds can cause the software to automatically generate repair weld information.
Updating of welder qualification records
The system includes all of the information necessary to automatically update welder qualifications. Every time a weld is completed satisfactorily, the system can update the qualification record(s) of the welder(s) who made the weld.
Printing of 'Project Data Books'
Gathering information on the completion of a project can be a very time consuming task. One of the major benefits of using the WeldMap™ system is that all the information relating to a project can be gathered together and printed on the click of a button.
Reports and analyses
Many different types of reporting are built into WeldMap™. Defect analyses (by welder, by location, by procedure, by consumable type, etc.) and productivity reports (by welder, by location, over time) can help to identify training requirements or similar problems. Progress summaries including percentage welding complete, percentage testing complete, overdue jobs analyses, can also be produced on the click of a button.
The links between the software packages which make up the WeldMap™ suite allow instant traceability on the touch of a button. For example, double-clicking on a WPS number within the WeldMap™ datasheet retrieves that WPS from the WeldOffice® WPS module database, so you can check the welding variables. Similarly, you can access welder qualifications and full NDE reports by double-clicking on the appropriate references on the WeldMap™ data sheet.
Quality assurance utilities
The software can optionally incorporate many other utilities, which aid quality assurance. For example, the system could be programmed to only accept procedures and welders which are fully approved. Or, you can pre-define hold points for a project, and the WeldMap™ software will not allow you to progress beyond these hold points until their pre-requisites have been fulfilled. Additionally, you can build in many levels of electronic signature, locking all or parts of data sheets from modification.
Network ready
WeldMap™ is developed as a multi-user networked application. The access (including passwords) and security routines can be as simple or sophisticated as you like. The software features all the necessary security utilities to ensure that two people are not modifying the same information at the same time.
Hardware and Software Requirements
This software is designed for a desktop computer meeting the following minimum specification:
  • IBM PC or compatible
  • Pentium P100 processor
  • 30 MB hard disk
  • SVGA display with resolution 800 X 600 (recommended 1024 X 768 )
  • 32MB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive or Internet access
  • Windows compatible mouse
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP or later

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